Hey there, I’m Kaleb Nation! And I’m just a regular guy who… has very big dreams.

You have big dreams too! But you probably don’t have the freedom to pursue your dreams because of the big-dreamer’s biggest roadblock… money.

Dreams don’t pay the bills. So you get a job to pay the rent and every day you put off your dreams of success and money and being your own boss and I don’t think that’s fair at ALL.

You know why? Because while most people are working in offices and restaurants and at “real jobs” ...

I’m at Home Clicking Around on Things on My
Computer in My Pajamas and Making Real Money.

It’s not fair that I get Paypal deposit and checks all the time and I don’t even realize where they’re all coming from. I’m saying it out loud and it sounds ridiculous to ME.

It’s not fair that I’ve gotten 50,000,000+ views on Youtube and 200,000+ Twitter followers and 10,000,000+ website hits, and most people can’t get anywhere near.

It’s not fair that I get to live in the heart of Hollywood, California, at my dream job, when most people have no idea how to even begin making money online.

It’s not technical. It’s not complicated. You don’t even need a website.

It’s something that you can literally start right now with just a computer and an Internet connection.

I just want to grab people and say

“Why Aren’t You Making Money Online? It’s So Simple!”

If you get offended by hearing about how a college dropout like me figured out how to make money online, from home, as a teenager… don’t be upset at me.

I’m not bragging about how much money I make, I just want to help you realize that you can do the same thing too!

You probably have no idea that you can make money online without even making a product yourself. And if you do have a product or service, you probably haven’t realized just how many sales you’re missing online… even if you already have a website.

Did you know there are people making TONS OF MONEY without even touching any of the products they’re making money off of?

I do it! All the time!

By now you might be thinking “well Kaleb of course it’s simple for you to make money online, but not everybody understands Javascript and HTML codes!”

Neither do I. Remember, college dropout here.

The truth is, I’m not actually an “Internet Marketer.” This isn’t my dream job, it’s just what I do to pay the bills. Since I was a little kid, I dreamed of being an author. I started writing my first book at 14 and I dreamed of getting it published.

But you know what writing a book takes?

Time. LOTS of time.

You know what working at a real job takes?

Time. MOST of your time.

And Remember, Dreams Don't Pay the Bills

I knew from when I was a teenager I didn’t want to have to go to a “real job” because it’d cut into my writing time, which is what I really love to do! So I made a decision to figure out something before I was out on my own that would make me free to be an author and never have to go to a “real” office job.

Before You Think I Had Any Advantage Over You, Let Me Give You A Brief History of Kaleb Nation.

When I was a teenager, I lived in the elite upscale, gated neighborhood of…

I still liked to dream though. So I started my first business on the farm and made a fun Internet radio show called The Top 5, back when the Internet wasn’t even that big.

Then suddenly, radio stations started emailing me to pick up my show. Very soon, I was heard in 20 states and countries on FM, AM, Internet and Satellite radio…

I Kinda Forgot to Mention to Them that I was 17
and Recording Shows in my Bedroom. Whoops.

I took my show with me to college so I could get a marketing degree. But two years into school, I still hadn’t learned a single thing about actual marketing! My professors were awesome but of course class was boring when back at my apartment I could make radio shows and write books!

Then something big happened. I discovered social media.

This was back in 2008 so social media wasn’t a big thing yet. I didn’t even know about Twitter.

I started writing a blog for fun and it suddenly got very popular. I was getting 10-20,000 hits a day just through online word of mouth.

Let me be clear here:

20,000 Hits A Day to my Blog with NO ADVERTISING at all.


I had no clue what I was doing but I knew I was doing something right!

So I kept experimenting. I’d change something in the blog post and see how it affected my hits. I’d change my design and see what happened.

All this time, money kept trickling in. Ad views, affiliate sales. Then I discovered something else that would change my life.


You’ve seen it. Youtube is the world’s largest video sharing site and the second largest search engine on the planet, right below Google. It gets over 1 billion unique users a month.

I was terrified of being on camera. So terrified that I was doing a radio show just so people wouldn’t have to see me! But I decided to try this Youtube thing out, so I made a video with my cheap pocket camera and shared it.

Boom! Views!

Boom! Money?!


My Website Crashed. Too Many Hits.

I was shocked. My blog hit a million, then two million, all the way to six million hits.

I got so many hits that the CEO of my web hosting company blacklisted me and said I could never come back. I had to take all of my visitors to another company.

Too many visitors? Not a bad problem to have.

And my Youtube views? UP

And my paychecks? UP UP UP

It got to the point where my professor asked me to teach a class because I had more experience. One of my professors asked me for my first autograph. (*all of this is 100% true)

So I decided to quit college.

I know, education is very important for a career. But I already had a career, and I was the boss!

I made some more websites and I cancelled my own nationally syndicated radio show because it was distracting me from YouTube. And I was making more money on the Internet anyway!

It just kept growing. Without even realizing it, I taught myself how online marketing and sales actually work in the real world.

It’s not what they teach you in books. It’s not something that people on the outside can claim to know unless they’ve actually lived it and gotten millions of views themselves.

I Actually Live Inside the World of Social Media. I've Gotten Real 50,000,000 Views and
Real 10,000,000 Hits to my Website, and That's Just the Ones I've Been Able to Track!

Ford even gave me a free car and gas for a year and all I had to do was make Youtube videos.

Don’t hate me for saying this but creating traffic is a big game now. I recently launched a small viral site because it was funny and that got about 50,000 views in a weekend.

I launched another site and that one got close to 900,000 hits. And 283,000 views on Youtube.

I Have a Pet Chinchilla and She’s Gotten Over Half A Million Views on YouTube.

All of this thanks to Youtube, Twitter, and Google.

I don’t come from money. I didn’t go to the best private schools. I didn’t get a car for my 16th birthday or an inheritance. I started at $0, or actually less thanks to student loans.

I didn’t have a single advantage over you. So there’s no reason you can’t have this job too.

Why? Because I’m not special. I just know the million hits secret.

There’s a goldmine of money to be made online and there is plenty to go around, and it’s just waiting for you right now, no matter what your Internet skill level is.

Don't know how to edit videos? That’s not a problem. Trust me, I was making great money online before I had any clue how to edit videos.

Don’t want to be on camera at all? That’s easy too. The beauty of marketing on YouTube and Twitter is you don’t have to be the “star.”

You don’t even need a product to sell. In fact, many people making millions online don’t even touch the products they’re selling!

A lot of people make money just by uploading videos to YouTube or posting on Twitter, and getting money from advertisers every time someone watches. Or they have a book or training system or product, and make money when people buy it.

But a lot of times, you don’t even want to deal with any of that. And that’s okay.

One of the most profitable ways to make money online doesn’t even require you to have a product of your own OR a website.

It’s called Affiliate Marketing. Basically, you sell other people’s products and get a commission. Here’s how simple it is:

Three steps. Or 4 steps if you count “depositing all your affiliate checks at the bank”

Finding a product offer is easy. There are hundreds of thousands of things you can pick from.

Getting your special link is easy. And free.

The missing piece, and the most important thing when it comes to making money online, is learning how to get people to click on your link, which is sometimes called “driving traffic.”

Think about it. The more people you get to click your affiliate link, the more people who’ll buy it, and the more commission checks you’ll get.

You might have the best merchandise in the world, or the best content in the world, or the best affiliate products in the world, but if nobody sees it, your products are worth nothing.

Bad traffic is easy to get, I can go buy a ten thousand hits now for a hundred dollars.

But really, I could eat that hundred dollars and still get better traffic.

True traffic is easy too. It isn’t as fast as bad traffic but it picks up speed, and as more True Traffic comes, it turns into an avalanche that leaves the bad traffic in the dust.

True Traffic is about naturally attracting an audience. It’s about getting traffic without having to scam people into clicking or paying for cheap hits. Almost everyone I’ve talked to doesn’t know how to make True Traffic happen.

For years, business owners and even millionaires have come to me with questions about how I get traffic and views and sales. They’d hire me as a consultant and I’d go in ready to show them all the tricks and turn their business around.

But to my shock, they didn’t even know about retweets or subscribers or affiliate sales or the Super Sharing Snowball Effect… and they ended up paying me tons of money per hour just to learn what I thought was the very basics.

I felt terrible! Why were they paying me thousands of dollars when we were barely scratching the surface just to get them to point A? And not only that, why did they eagerly KEEP HIRING me over and over again just to learn the basics of making money online? Doesn’t… everyone know… this stuff…?

Turns out, I was wrong. Everyone doesn’t.

Even people who are extremely successful in business don’t have six years to spend mastering online marketing like I did. Even people who already have a Twitter account or a YouTube channel – most of them have no clue about how to turn social media into a money-making machine.

Nobody who had actually grown up on YouTube and Twitter or who’d actually gotten the views and followers, who act]ually went to YouTube conventions and filmed hundreds of videos for a living… NOBODY was teaching the actual secrets that real social media experts use every day!

Then I met an awesome guy named Peng Joon. He’s only a few years older than me and he’s been extremely successful in making money online.

He's One of the
Top Marketers in the World and it's Easy to See Why...

This was truly mindblowing stuff. We hit if off immediately and realized that our fans and followers could benefit immediately from our combined expertise and knowledge on online marketing.

Peng told me that I could actually help millions of people catch up with the social traffic train. Because of my experience, I could transfer my knowledge and help others fast-track their way to success… bypassing my 6 years of trial and error.

In turn, he showed me a few golden strategies to further monetize my traffic and take my earnings to a whole new level. It was a match made in heaven.

We spent a couple more days brainstorming and refining our system.

It wasn't long before I started documenting the entire process, and now you're here.

I’ve Packed EVERYTHING Into Million Hits Secret. Here’s A Sample:

If you correctly implement the strategies I show you, it’s more than enough to quit your 9 to 5… but I want to show you how to get there even faster. So I’m including these super special bonuses:


Million Hits Secret isn't just a 30+ video training course, it's an ever-expanding
knowledgebase and community you'll need for social media
success. You'll receive BRAND-NEW trainings every single month
you're a member,
including modules on:



Video trainings where I explain my techniques and the steps I take to get views and Twitter followers

Screen recordings showing you ways to make money online, how to create your social media pages, how to design your profiles, how to grow an audience, and much more.

Over 20,000 words of my notes, so you can READ ALONG as you watch the videos

Downloadable templates for your Twitter and YouTube layouts… always updated no matter how many times they change!





If you’re an affiliate marketer, speaker, author, business owner,
or you created a product that you want to sell,


If you want to find out how you could work from home
and my secrets to making huge profits just by using the Internet,


Even if you've never used social media before
and just want to know how it all works,


If I Can Help Them, I Can Help You Too...

I’ve prepared Million Hits Secret for the social media beginner all the way up to someone who uses Twitter a lot but hasn’t made much money with it.

I show you everything from the very first click of creating your Twitter, how to get followers and subscribers, how to make visitors WANT to visit your websites, and everything I know about making your content go viral.

Even if you don’t know what “going viral” means yet… I explain that too.

I Want to Make Sure You Are Actually Getting the Tools You Need to be Successful.

There’s no wasted-time nonsense here. I’m not a random internet salesman out to get you with my typo-filled free ebook offer.

Look me up on Google! Even if you don’t know me at all, you can be sure that I am absolutely telling you the real Million Hits Secrets that I use every single day.

How I can afford to live with the Hollywood Sign outside my office window and never actually go to an office?

How can I be making money, right now at this very moment, this second right here while you’re on this page?

By now you’re wondering how much all of this is going to cost you.

And listen, I’ve been where you are right now. You want that dream job, clicking things and making money, but that’s six years of learning away.

Skip it. Skip all of that. Take advantage of my 6 years of mistakes by diving into the action right away!

So taking into consideration all of those years of trial and error and sweat and missed sleep, on top of all of the work that’s been pumped into creating Million Hits Secret – literally filming 5 days a week for months – my team wanted to sell this for $2997.

But really. $2997? That might be tough for most of the people who REALLY need this.

Then they told me to charge $997. Which big companies can afford, but a lot of people who haven’t made money online yet just can’t do it.

So I told my team, “Look, once people start making money online and see how easy it is, they’re gonna tell their friends about Million Hits Secret. We just need to make this accessible to everyone.”

So the Million Hits Secret – 6 years of learning condensed into an easy-to-use system -- is yours for only

Now that’s obviously a bargain. But if you’re still on the fence, I don’t
blame you.

It’s my job to PROVE to you that the Million Hits Secret actually works
and that there is absolutely ZERO risk.

I’m so sure that my training will surpass your expectations that I’m
offering a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Crazy, yes, but I know my system works. So that’s 60 days for you to put
my stuff to the test. If you aren’t thrilled by what you learned, contact
my team and they’ll give you a full refund!

That's it. Nothing else. No hidden costs. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

So now you have two options…

Ignore everything I’ve just told you, ignore all of the steps that are so easy even this college dropout was able to do it, and spend the next 6 years learning it on your own or even worse, passing up on the Internet’s secret vault that’s just waiting for you to open

Or, you could seize this opportunity and learn the real secrets to making money online that you can’t get anywhere else

And have a 60-day money back guarantee to fall back on just in case.

The way I see it, you have nothing to lose… so what are you waiting for?

Sign up right now and I’ll see you on the other side!

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